Ensure the cybersecurity of every citizen

Established in 1998, Smartcard LLC has been a pioneer in introducing digital identification systems, payment solutions, and data security systems to the Mongolian market.

In the last 25 years, we’ve consistently provided digital identity and security solutions, ensuring secure transactions, establishing robust data infrastructure, and offering physical security solutions to sectors like government, telecom, and financial institutions. As a specialized organization, we’re proud to cultivate distinctive value for our customers through reliable services in collaboration with international technology leaders like Thales and Entrust.

Our mission is building information technology infrastructure through world-renowned solutions, teamwork, and innovation.

President’s greeting

We believe that we all have within ourselves a secure way to access the world—our own unique identities. Our identity is the key to a future where transactions and interactions in both the physical and digital worlds happen seamlessly and securely.

The number of connected devices available worldwide has already exceeded the number of people. Today, the pace of technological change is accelerating, impacting all industries from banking to telecommunications, manufacturing to eCommerce, healthcare to hospitality, and travel to public security.

These evolutions increasingly bridge the divide between the physical and digital worlds, and are reinventing how we interact in and within both universes. Any time we send a text message, browse the internet with a mobile phone, pay in-store or online, take public transportation, go to the doctor, or travel, we use our identity credentials to prove who we are. And if today, we are already using our identities multiple times per day to interact, in the future, it will be constant – even countless.

In preparation for this, every organization needs infrastructure that interacts seamlessly and securely with their customers. For the past 25 years, we’ve been established ourselves as a leader in information technology through innovation, world-renowned solutions, and teamwork.


We lead in information technology through world-renowned solutions, teamwork, and innovation.


We open the gates to ever-expanding digital worlds for every citizen


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We comprehend the unique needs of our clients and deliver tailored solutions that align seamlessly with their requirements.


Our expertise is defined by reliability.


Our extensive experience enhances our value to clients.


We prefer collaboration with partners and embrace teamwork; this approach optimizes our results.


We consistently monitor the latest cutting-edge technologies and integrate them into our operations.

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