Enhance the value of your brand

In a fast-moving, highly demanding and competitive world, all banks and fintechs would probably agree that the design of debit and credit cards plays a significant role in ensuring high customer acquisition and retention levels while boosting transaction usage. We offer credit, debit, and contactless cards secured with EMV, the global payment standard, and our cards are used in more than 130 countries. The card types we offer can assist you in designing a card that conveys a strong brand image, aligns with schemes and industry requirements, and delights end-users.


  • Our partner, Thales, is a trusted and experienced ally that has supported banks through decades of EMV issuance. They have collaborated with over 3,000 financial institutions, issuing more than 2 billion payment cards.
  • Customer service for the entire journey – Our support doesn’t end with the first wave of EMV issuance. We’re ready to support you through the entire lifecycle of managing your EMV program
  • We provide cards in a variety of materials, including 100% polycarbonate, a material used in bulletproof technology.
  • We partner with the world’s largest card manufacturers, enabling us to fulfill our clients’ needs quickly and efficiently, regardless of large volumes.
  • We have been supplying a variety of cards to Mongolia’s leading financial institutions for over 20 years.


  • Metal card

  • Eco card

  • Plastic card

  • Other innovative cards