Engineered for maximum security

We provide a cutting-edge security solutions crafted by world-leading manufacturers. Our range spans from security cameras and vault rooms to integrated security systems. Designed to withstand and deter physical attacks, our physical security options ensure robust protection.


  • Our vault doors are manufactured using special grade steel and high strength concrete. The door is finished in a satin-smooth, fine-grained stainless steel which covers every visible surface.
  • Designed to meet UL requirements as outlined in Standard for Safety (UL) 608 and carry the UL label for selected Class.
  • Day lock feature protects against lock-ins
  • Built-in ventilator maximizes usable interior wall space
  • Emergency inside release, optional


  • Bank vault doors and rooms

  • Safety deposit

  • Security camera system

  • Heavy Duty Shredders

  • Repair and services