Optimize your digital strategy

A digital-first strategy gives you a competitive advantage by providing customers the freedom to choose their own banking experience. The digital card is fast becoming an essential partner to the physical credit and debit card.

Our solution is delivered as a mobile SDK (software development kit), or available via a web-service based integration. This makes it simpler and more convenient than most solutions proposed by fintechs. With our SDK (or web-service based integration), financial institutions are able to easily access the latest and most innovative digital card features.

The cardholder can push a card to a new device or merchant, suspend, resume, or delete a token, and update tokens automatically when their card or mobile device is replaced, stolen, or lost.


  • Most advanced Digital Card certified platform with over 120 successful cases worldwide
  • An instant, digital-first payment experience with a single software development kit, adding the latest digital card features to your mobile banking app is easy.
  • Conveniently and securely push cards into mobile wallets in Apple Pay and Andriod devices
  • Get all digital card features in one solution
  • Meet PSD2 regulatory compliance with strong customer authentication, trusted by VISA, Mastercard, PCODSS, EMVCO, CB.


  • All-in-One SDK solution

  • Software

  • Training