Unlock the gateway to the digital world

As technology transforms our lives, secure proof of identity, and authentication for connected services become ever more important. We partner with global leaders in IT solutions to provide secure digital identities and the necessary verification methods for individuals and entities to Mongolian market. Traditional options such as passwords are often not secure enough. Digital identities are needed to ensure people can trust online service providers and vice versa. Already, many governments and businesses rely on digital ID. Trusted by the government and enterprises, our certified solutions deliver the robust yet smooth interactions that keep your world moving, your business growing and digital identity secure, every single day.


  • Thales Group’s, leader in information technology and security, Gemalto ID service plarform.
  • Citizens a single access point to an array of public eServices from a single secure connection.
  • The solution can manage one of the broadest range of authentication methods available on the market, including PKI eID cards, Gemalto Mobile ID Smart App and Gemalto Digital ID Wallet
  • Meets the standards of EU and General Data Protection Regulation and other international regulations.
  • Biometric authentications.


  • Government Digital Identity.

  • e-Sim card
  • Enterprise Digital Identity

  • Digital Identity’s for Financial Institutions.

Case Studies

  • In Belgium, Itsme service provides authentication in a single app for two million citizens accessing over 150 services.
  • In the UK, work is underway on a national framework for trusted digital identities and standards.
  • In India, with the national identity system Aadhaar, every resident has their own 12-digit number – it has become a single digital identity number that any registered entity can use to authenticate an Indian resident.