Digitally and remotely sign everything

Consumers, citizens, and businesses now expect transactions to be done digitally and remotely, in an easy and secure way. Smartcard is capable of enhancing the security of your online transactions and agreements by providing identity-verified signature solutions. Our solutions focus on three core areas:

  • Identification
  • Security
  • Integration

Standard signature workflows can be set up within minutes and personalized to suit your needs.


  • Our partners has 20+ years of digital signing expertise
  • Trusted digital signatures and seals on documents provide real guarantees of ownership and integrity
  • 95+ million workforce and consumer identities protected by our partner Entrust.
  • We provide solutions based on globally recognized standards including CSC remote signing, PKCS #11, and aligned with ETSI and CEN standards to guarantee a very high level of trust and broad interoperability.

20 years





  • E-Signature