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In the digital age, ensuring the security of individuals’ data is paramount for governments, coupled with the need to offer effortless access to public services and establish direct communication channels with citizens. Modern IDs present the solution. For over a decade, our unwavering commitment has been to provide state-of-the-art smart identity card solutions. These solutions guarantee utmost confidentiality and flawless integration with government information systems. Our methodology revolves around advanced multibiometric technology, ensuring discrete body data layers without any overlap. Through global collaboration with esteemed information security corporations, we’ve pioneered groundbreaking advancements in this field.


  • Our ID cards are utilized by governments in over 40 countries worldwide.
  • Our ID card printing solutions are utilized in 150 countries globally for printing ID cards, birth certificates, and various other public service credentials.
  • Our printers has Magnetic Stripe Encoding, Embossing, Laser Personalization and Smart Card Personalization, and comply with General Data Global Regulation, Federal Information Processing Standard and other regulations.
  • We offer 100% polycarbonate, known for its use in bulletproof systems. Utilizing polycarbonate significantly enhances card durability and facilitates advanced security features.
  • UV-Curable Drop which improves durability and envelope insertion capabilities.


  • Encryption

  • Printer

  • Card

  • Software

  • Repair and Service

  • Training

Case Studies

  • In 2021, Vietnam partnered with Entrust to print and implement 50 million smart IDs.
  • In less than six weeks, the Thailand Government had to issue over 12 million welfare cards nationwide.
  • The Swiss id card was one of the first ID) using polycarbonate. And the UK passport is the latest document to integrate polycarbonate
  • Our card is used in 40 countries worldwide, including: Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Luxembourg, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Cameroon, South Africa Uruguay and Jamaica to name a few.