Navigate the world freely

How you enable citizens ability to navigate the world safely and freely. We live at the very heart of these interactions, offering an unmatched breadth of digital and secure credential issuance and remote identity verification solutions.

Our focus on interoperable ICAO-compliant digital travel credentials and best-of-breed technology partnerships are why we are the best long-term choice to meet the present and future needs of the Mongolian market for more than 10 years. We aim to ensure interoperability, choice, and flexibility for all governments and budgets.


  • Remotely verify that the user is who they say they are, based on an ICAO-compliant eMRTD and a trusted ISO-quality biometric.
  • Advanced Facial Recognition With Auto-Detection
  • Because it is delivered from the cloud, requires no significant infrastructural or staff requirements
  • User-Friendly Mobile Interface


Smartphone models supported.


Transactions enabled daily.


  • ID Verification

  • E-Visa

Case Studies

  • Our partners and Canadian government implemented Chain Of Trust collaborative project which to reduce airport traffic and wait time for admissible people crossing the Canadian border.
  • The pilot project carried out jointly by Eurostar and Entrust at the St Pancras International Station in London, where traveller will use a touch-less biometric lane instead of being required to present their IDs or tickets.
  • After the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, need to allow EEA nationals living in the UK to apply for a UK immigration status. This project successfully implemented by Entrust and its partners.