Facilitate travel with enhanced security and safety

We specialize in providing issuance and personalization services for biometric passports, ensuring robust security measures for border inspection, compliance with international border security standards, and enhancing the travel experience for passport holders. Over the past decade, we’ve supplied e-passport solutions and printing machines to the Mongolian government. Leveraging our company’s extensive experience and dedicated support, we take pride in consistently meeting our customers’ needs and aspirations.


  • We offer over 40 security features: visually appealing, challenging to forge, and simple to verify with the naked eye or a passport scanner.
  • Rigorous durability requirements ensure ICAO and ISO standards ensure a lifespan of up to ten years.
  • Our e-passports and biometric passports are utilized in more than 30 countries worldwide, while our printers are used in over 100 countries.
  • Printers equipped with chip encoding and laser engraving technology.


  • Printer

  • Software

  • Passport

  • Ink and other supply

  • Repair and Services

Case Studies

  • Our partners have delivered more than 127 million U.S. passport since 2005 and implemented the world’s first biometric passport system in partnership with the Singaporean government.