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Our driver’s license solutions, crafted for global usability, integrate the owner’s biometric data, provide safeguards against health risks, seamlessly connect with national traffic systems, and promptly identify and address violations. This comprehensive solution not only significantly eases the burden on government agencies but also saves valuable time and reduces traffic congestion. Collaborating with esteemed partners who have developed the traffic information infrastructure in the world’s most advanced nations, we deliver a holistic driver’s license solution.


  • We can offer cards which can operate with digital tachograph (A digital tachograph is a device fitted to a vehicle that digitally records its speed and distance). European Union regulation 1360/2002 that made digital tachographs mandatory for all relevant vehicles. European 34 countries uses our cards.
  • Our driver license printing solutions are utilized in 150 countries globally.
  • Our card printers has Magnetic Stripe Encoding, Embossing, Laser Personalization and Smart Card Personalization, and comply with General Data Global Regulation, Federal Information Processing Standard and other regulations.
  • We offer a variety of card materials, including 100% polycarbonate, known for its use in bulletproof systems. Utilizing polycarbonate significantly enhances card durability and facilitates advanced security features.
  • The Gemalto Color Laser Shield solution enables our cards to achieve the highest resolution and counterfeit protection levels.
  • Our cards fully meet ISO/IEC 18013 security standards.
  • Cards embedded with an RFID chip enable identification from distances of up to 10 meters. This feature significantly reduces border inspection time.
  • UV-Curable Drop and envelope insertion capabilities.


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Case Studies

  • Our partners issued 100 million driver licenses in USA and Canada.
  • Our cards are used in more than 100 countries around the globe such as Ireland, Netherlands, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Senegal, Kenya, UK, India, Australia, El Salvador and Mexico.